6 Days Tour (5 Nights)

1st Day

  • Airport to Negombo beach
  • Fishing village visit

Day 01 commences with a warm welcoming pick starting with a 7 KM drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport Katunayake, giving entrance to a beautiful serene of the western costal area of Sri Lanka, the Negambo Beach ecstasy.

Negambo Beach
Negambo resting on the western share of this Paradise Island is a spectacular destination for both locals and tourists. Located on the mouth of the Negambo lagoon surrounded with the sandy beaches and the beautiful blue sea is the perfect sight of attraction.

Fishing Village Visit
We at Travel to Sri Lanka aims to provide you the best touring experience into the city Negambo which is traditionally a fishing village, one who loves a perfect morning fishing experience should pay a must visit. The morning local fish auctions will be a smelly experience and having the chance to meet the fisherman’s is a moment is worth experiencing.

2nd Day

  • Negombo to polonnaruwa
  • After lunch Elephant riding
  • Polonnaruwa heritage tour

A 204 KM drive starts the engine for day 02 of this remarkable journey, a long but an adventurous drive to the north central province of Sri Lanka, is a must visit destination while touring in this Paradise Island.

Polonnaruwa, a city known for its historical presence taking the Sri Lankan glory to the long years and today the archaeological findings gives this beautiful city and pride and the prominence it deserves. Polonnaruwa marks as the second largest ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka, which was declared as the first Capital city by King Vijabahu I with his defeat of the Chola invaders in 1070 to reunite the nation again.

Lunch and an after lunch Elephant Ride
A mind fulling relaxed lunch after the long drive is the best activity to boost yourself to activate your energy for ever famous elephant riding and heritage touring around this historical site.

Polonnaruwa heritage tour
In addition we at Travel to Sri Lanka aims in bringing you the true experience into one of the cities named among the World Heritage Sites, the touring into the Polonnaruwa kingdom exploring the hundreds of structures of tombs, temples, statues and stupas is a worthy visit.

3rd Day

  • Polonnaruwa to sigiriya
  • After B/F sigiriya visit
  • Village safari
  • Herbal massage

A 54.5 KM drive from Polaonnaruwa to Sigiriya via Maradankadawala – Habarana gives entrance to another spectacular destination unique to this beautiful paradise island.

Sigiriya & Visit
Sigiriya – Lion Rock located in the Central Province of the Matale District is a pride to Sri Lanka, today which is counted among the World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. The Lion Rock – Sigiriya rises up to nearly 660 feet and according to the chronicles of Sri Lanka King Kasyapa had built his palace on top of this magnificent rock with colorful frescoes for decorations. The beauty of his palace was marked by the huge lion that was built as the gateway which could be witnessed when one climbs the rock halfway.

Village Safari
Just as much the enormous Lion rock gives prominence to the historical presence of Sigiriya, the life a village family is a must spoke experience that tourists highly demands and it’s a must have experience. We at Travel to Sri Lanka provides facilities to experience through a village tour that we have open to our valued clients. Here tourists could experience the life of an ordinary village family, from the ride on a bullock cart to the moment the farmer takes his steps to the paddy field with his mamotee while his wife make his lunch. In addition tourists could also go to the extent of enjoying a freely home cooked meal with a traditional village drink. Moreover the experience of watching the farmers keeping an eye over elephants from their tree houses to protect their cultivations is also a value added possibility to bring an essence to a well spent tour.

Herbal Massage
Furthermore, just as you are tired after all the travelling and sight-seeing Sirigiya while experiencing the life of a traditional village family, a warm relaxing body massage with truly Sri Lankan herbs is the perfect time to refresh your mind and body for an energetic day tomorrow.

4th Day

  • Sigiriya to Kandy
  • After breakfast Dambulla temple
  • Herbal & spice garden
  • Lunch
  • Kandy temple
  • Cultural show

The route plan, as directed by Travel to Sri Lanka commences on day 4 to Kandy, which will be a 94.2 KM drive from Sigiriya.

Kandy – the second largest city after Colombo, located again in the Central Province was also among the World Heritages as declared by the UNESCO. This beautiful city lies amongst the hills surrounded with tropical plantations and huge rocks. This city is also the home for the Sacred Tooth Relic, one of the most precious destinations of worship for a Buddhist.

Dambulla Cave Temple
The touring around this sacred city commences after the morning meals, taking next steps into the famous Dambulla Cave Temple, commonly known as the Dambulla Len Viharaya which is also knowns as the Golden Temple of Dambulla. The temple is known to be the largest cave temple in Sri Lanka with 160m surrounding plains. It has more than 80 known caves out of which 5 caves sights the highest tourist attractions consisting on paintings and statues.

The herbal & spice gardens
Sri Lanka is a well-known spice hub serving the taste buds of millions in the host and across international waters. It’s endless power for herbs like turmeric, pepper, corns, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa are yet for all a pride to every Sri Lankan. We at Travel to Sri Lanka promise you the true experience of a herbal & spice garden tour, bringing you the specialty of learning and advancing the know-how of spices and natural products while enjoying the tranquility and a healthy breath far away from the concreate environment. Therefore once the exploring of herbs and spices followed with a truly promising lunch experience in Kandy, the next stop is to the most sacred place for the Buddhist - The Temple of the Tooth Relic.

The Temple of the Tooth Relic – Sri Dalada Maligawa
Sri Dalada Maligawa – a Buddhist temple, being the most sacred for a Buddhist located amongst the beauty hill county of the Kingdom of Kandy. Ever since the ancient days the temple of the tooth relic has played a strategic role.

Cultural Show
Travel to Sri Lanka makes sure you enjoy every inch of your tour and we did not forget to take you to witness their beautiful cultural show. It will truly be a great evening in Kandy, seated in the front rows having the chance to watch a true Sri Lankan custom show.Sri Lanka, a country with a vast cultural presence and respect for its unique traditions, where the cultural show is one such mark where everyone could enjoy true Sri Lankan traditional dances. The ceremonial drums, the drum orchestra, fire and harvest dances, “Thelme”, the rhythm of the low country dances, the dances depicting the demons are few out of the cultural dances that could be witnessed during the show.

5th Day

  • Kandy to Nuwara eliya
  • Gem museum
  • Shopping(handy craft, wood carming, silk batik,any sounier)
  • Royal botanical garden

Day 5 to Nuwara Eliya is the next footing planned by Travel to Sri Lanka, taking an 84.5 KM drive from Kandy.

Nuwara Eliya
The “city on the plain” – Nuwara Eliya is commonly denoted, resting itself on the Central Province of the Country. The city is known all over the world for its every greenery, the ever demanding tea plantations and also for being the city with the coolest climate in Sri Lanka. The beautiful water falls flushing in between huge rock and hills adds color among the large acres of greeneries, adding glamor and romance to the city. We at Travel to Sri Lanka will help you enjoy every inch of beauty with the entrance to Nuwara Eliya, it’s a must needed experience.

Gem Museum
Denoted as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” Sri Lanka is a country not only rich and known for its cultural heritage and spices, but also for its minerals and precious stones that marks its pride. Gem Museum is one of such places that explain one side of beauty of Sri Lanka, this will be a new experience to explore and understand the different types and textures of precious stones dig in from Mother Lanka.

Memories other than photographs are essential to have a physical mark of the experience of touring on a location that adds to your list of new adventures. With this in mind we at Travel to Sri Lanka sketched out a shopping experience to further enhance your touring in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well known in building unique take back memories from handcrafted items to batik materials from dresses, to skirts and shirts, wood cravings depicting different Sri Lankan symbolizations and other forms of souvenirs.

Royal Botanical Gardens – Hakgala, Nuwara Eliya
Sri Lanka is a beauty hub, from beautiful greeneries, to huge hills and rocky mountains, waterfalls and ever beautiful botanical gardens spreads the stretch of elegance that Sri Lanka has to offer. The Hagal Botanical Gardens spreads among 147 acres providing huge varieties of trees, plants and flowers. This beautiful zone also creates habitat for many kinds of species from Hill Mynah, Magpie robin to black headed Oriole and Sri Lanka Hanging parrot etc.

6th Day

  • Visit Nuwara eliya - tea factory & plantation
  • Water fall
  • Katunaike airport

Visit Nuwara Eliya - Tea Factory & Plantation
An experience into the tea factory to educate and witness the process of how you make that refreshing cup of tea from the freshly plucked and manufactured tea leaves is a must have experience. It is a beautiful process, while you get the chance to enjoy a fresh cup of tea from the newly grinded tea leaves.

Water Falls
As stated prior, just like a long beautiful white skirt adding glamor and rhythm to the city of Nuwara Eliya are the beautiful waterfalls that not only add the beauty but serve the plantations to bring out their greeneries.

Katunayaka Airport
Just as every good journey has an ending point, the tour planned by us, Travel to Sri Lanka marks an end with your departure to your host.

We at Travel to Sri Lanka aims to enhance a true travelling experience from the time you have arrived at the airport, throughout the tour and until you have arrived back at the airport for your departure. We provide this travel package on the basis of free of charge, giving you the best hand opportunity to explore and educate yourself of what Sri Lanka has to offer in a nutshell. Join hands with Travel to Sri Lanka and experience the true value of a well-planned tour.